"Out of the mouths of children and babies Thou hast ordained praise...." (Psalm 8:2)

Family Resources
Encouraging Fathers and Mothers To Embrace Family and Life

On this page, we want to refer you to some pro-family resources by other ministries.

"Pay Close Attention To These Words"
(by Joseph Riitano, Sr.)

The Godly Home Series
(free CD messages by Denny Kanaston)

The Man And His Home
(free CD messages by Denny Kenaston)

Family Driven Faith
(an excellent book by Voddie Baucham)

Family Shepherds
(Voddie Baucham's newest book,
calling fathers to gently and faithfully lead their families)

Joni And Friends International Disability Center
(a ministry providing hope, encouragement, education, and
moral support for individuals and families affected by disabilities)

It's Your Life
- The Story Of The Moss Family -
(a DVD)

Children Are A Blessing
(a DVD)

Free Subscription To "Above Rubies"
(a magazine that encourages motherhood and builds up family values)

An Angel In My Arms
(a music CD of lullabies for your baby)

Peace All Over Me
(a music CD to soothe, strengthen, and inspire mothers)

Richest Man On Earth
(a music CD of wonderful daddy songs)

This Is Our Road
(a music CD of 11 songs of love and commitment
that you can share with your wife or husband)

What Happens
When The

Family Crumbles?