"Out of the mouths of children and babies Thou hast ordained praise...." (Psalm 8:2)

What Can I Do To Help?
Encouraging Mothers And Fathers To Choose Life For Their Unborn Babies

Together we can change the world..... for babies who would be aborted... for mothers, fathers, and families who are unsure whether to choose life... and for infants who need loving adoptive homes... We all need to get involved in praying and in doing what we can do.

Please take a moment to READ THIS POWERFUL AND CONVICTING TESTIMONY BY ABBY JOHNSON, former Planned Parenthood director. This testimony is powerfully applicable to every one of us.

So what can you do to help?

Pray. Pray for the babies. Pray for the mothers, fathers, and families facing unplanned pregnancies. Pray for the people who work at abortion clinics. Pray for pro-life ministries. Click here for suggestions of things that need lifted up in prayer.

Speak up. If you know a mother who doesn't know whether or not to choose life, take her under your wing. Befriend her. "Adopt her" into your heart and life, and be involved. Buy her some pro-life DVDs and books. (Check out the Helpful Resources page.) Refer her to sources that can help her to make the choice for life. Get her an encouraging gift from our "Love The Unborn Babies" Products page. Refer her to watch "Baby", "Think", and "If".

Speak up to the fathers too. The importance of involved fathers is often forgotten. Encourage fathers to watch "Baby", "Think", and "If" too... and to visit The Daddy Page and watch "Daddy" and "Wait, Daddy" ... and to be supportive of choosing life... and to be involved in the lives of their families.

Open your home to a baby or babies. We have adopted seven children, and hope to adopt more. We want to encourage others in the beautiful journey of adoption. We have personally worked with Heart Of Adoptions, Adoptions From The Heart, and The National Down Syndrome Adoption Network, and we would like to encourage you to check out some adoption websites and begin your adoption journey. We would also encourage you to watch We Have Room, a beautiful and touching adoption song performed by a father of seven adoptive children.

Click here to print Randy Alcorn's tract, "How Can I Help The Unborn And Their Mothers?" He has some wonderful suggestions. Print some extra copies of this tract and share it with neighbors, people in your fellowship, co-workers, etc. to encourage others to get involved in active pro-life prayer and efforts.

Click here to visit our youtube channel. Hopefully others will be encouraged to watch and consider the message of these pro-life songs if they have a lot of views, "likes", and positive comments. Please try to leave comments in a gentle way that will encourage others to choose life rather than turn them away with harsh words. You can also embed any of these songs on your own webpage for people to watch. To embed a song on your page, go to the song on youtube, and click "share" beneath the song. From there, you will be able to get the embed code to copy/paste into the HTML code of your webpage wherever you want the song to appear.

"Like" our Facebook Page, and share it with your friends.

Check out the products on our "Love The Unborn Babies" Products page. You can also donate products. If you have any items that you think may be appropriate to list over our products page, please feel free to Contact Us about them. All of the monetary donations for these products go directly towards financially supporting pro-life ministries.

Help get the word out there. Click here to view and print our selection of "Love The Unborn Babies" tracts and bulletin board sheets. Click here to get pro-life bumper stickers. You can also link to http://www.LoveTheUnbornBabies.name or use the following banner on your own webpage to encourage other people to visit the Love The Unborn Babies site.

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