"Out of the mouths of children and babies Thou hast ordained praise...." (Psalm 8:2)

The Importance Of Informed Choice
Encouraging Mothers And Fathers To Choose Life For Their Unborn Babies

In a society where many claim to be "pro-choice", I would like to raise awareness of the importance of informed choice. We hear slogans advocating women's rights and advocating choice, but in reality, girls' and women's rights are not being respected or upheld. If a girl or woman truly deserves the right to choose to have an abortion, she also deserves the right to understand what this choice really means and to know the risks involved. Anyone who withholds this information and suppresses the truth is not really giving a girl or woman a fair chance to make an informed choice that she will be happy with. Rather, she is actually being coerced, scared, and pressured into making a choice that someone else decides they want her to make. Such a choice is not truly her choice then, which means that her rights and her freedom of choice are not truly being advocated.

With all the "pro-choice" propaganda that we are hearing, we could stop and ask ourselves why the same kinds of slogans are not attached to the subject of suicide. When going over a bridge, we see signs that say, "Life is worth living." Instead, there could be signs that said, "Respect choice. Everyone has a right to commit suicide. Suicide is a legal option." Why don't we put up signs like this? Because our society affirms that suicide is harmful.

To all the pro-choice advocates out there, I would like to remind you that "Life is worth living" just like the signs on the bridges say, and that this truth is not limited only to the lives of people already born. It is for this reason that warnings are issued on alcohol, cigarettes, and certain medications advising pregnant mothers not to use them because of the harm that they can cause their unborn children. If a pregnant mother jumped over the bridge and drowned herself, she would not have drowned only herself, but another human being as well. Do we all agree with this? Recently, I read a news article about a mentally troubled mother who had several children and was pregnant, and tried to drive herself and her children into the ocean to drown. If the child in her womb really is not a baby, and if being pregnant is just a medical condition that needs treated, then why did the newspaper reporter even bother to mention that she was pregnant? He didn't mention any other health issues, such as whether her wisdom teeth were coming in, whether she had any skin conditions, whether she suffered from back pain, etc. The fact is that the child in her womb is alive and is a baby, and in her mentally troubled state, she was attempting that child's murder as much as she was attempting her other children's murder. Abortion is no different. Abortion is the murder of a human being, and girls and women who are lied to and made to believe that the life in their womb is just a blob of tissue that is not yet alive are not being allowed to truly make an informed well-educated choice.

Quoting David C. Reardon, in his book, ABORTED WOMEN: "Abortion is the only surgery for which the surgeon is not obligated to inform the patient of the possible risks of the procedure, or even the exact nature of the procedure. Indeed, abortion providers are the only medical personnel who have a 'constitutional right' to withhold information, even when directly questioned by the patient." Does this really match up with the so-called advocacy of women's rights and the freedom of choice? Of course not.

If you buy a simple bottle of aspirin, you will receive a full printed warning about the possible dangers of taking aspirin, including the risk of Reye's syndrome, hives, facial swelling, asthma, shock, and stomach bleeding. People have taken aspirin for a long time, and hardly anyone has these reactions to aspirin, but they are possible risks, and the manufacturers of aspirin are required to print these warning on their bottles, because it is your right to know the possible side affects of taking aspirin. It should not be an unusual thought, then, to think that if a girl or woman is going to do something as significant as having an abortion, she should have a right to know every single detail and all the possible risks. Many pro-lifers are accused of only caring about the unborn, but that is not true. Besides what pro-lifers believe to be an issue of the rights of the unborn, we also truly believe that this is an issue of girls' and women's rights being stamped on and denied. It is high time for risks to be exposed, for the truth to be told, and for people to be free to really make informed choices for their own health and well being and the health and well being of their babies. This is an issue that none of us should ignore, for it affects the health and well being of society as a whole.

Please check out www.LoveTheUnbornBabies.name/tragedy.html to learn the things about abortion that abortion providers are not telling people.

Sincerely, Rivqah Coover