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Congratulations On
Your Pregnancy
(encouragement for expectant mothers and couples)

Encouraging Mothers And Fathers To Choose Life For Their Unborn Babies

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Everyone's Story
Needs To Be Told

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Choose Life
Websites & Resources

Crisis Pregnancy Centers

Tragic Long-Term Effects
Of Having An Abortion

What About If You Feel You
Are Unable To Give
Your Baby A Good Life?

What About If You Were Raped?

What About The Possibility Of
Your Baby Having Disabilities
Or Developmental Challenges?

What About Birth Control?

The Mommies And Children
Need You To Be Involved

Adoption Agencies

Choose Life
(for yourself and your baby)

Choose Blessing
(for yourself and your baby)

Dear Hurting Mommy
(help for mommies who
did not choose life)

Family Resources

Choices: We Each Have A Responsibility To Think

For Everyone Who
Advocates Choosing Life

What Can I Do To Help?

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Babies" Products

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Babies" Tracts

"Pray Without Ceasing"
(Encouraging Everyone Who Cares About Life to Pray & Providing Everyone Who Cares About Life with Tools to Educate and Challenge Themselves and Others)

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