"Out of the mouths of children and babies Thou hast ordained praise...." (Psalm 8:2)

An Appeal To Those Undecided on Abortion
by Randy Alcorn

Encouraging Everyone To Stand Up For and Advocate Life

Ironically, people who are not sure whether they should be prochoice or prolife often end up talking and voting as if they were prochoice. The benefit of their doubt goes to choice rather than life. This should be reevaluated.

If we are standing gun in hand, looking at movement in a bush, we must assume the movement is being made by a person, not a nonperson. Assuming that it's a nonperson will motivate us to shoot, whereas assuming that it's a person will motivate us not to shoot. What is good for hunter safety is good for social ethics. When we're unsure, let's not do something that could kill an innocent person.

The burden of proof is on the prochoice position. If you have read this book (ProLife Answers To ProChoice Arguments, available over www.epm.org), I hope you agree that the evidence of the humanity of the unborn and the reasons against abortion are overwhelming. But even if you don't agree, if you have no more than a reasonable doubt about this matter, surely the benefit of your doubt should go to human life. You should oppose abortion in conversation and at the ballot box. If you don't, then you're shooting into the moving bush and one day, after it's too late, you'll be sorry you did.

-Randy Alcorn, in "ProLife Answers To Prochoice Arguments"
Purchase the whole book at www.epm.org.