"Out of the mouths of children and babies Thou hast ordained praise...." (Psalm 8:2)

The Tiny People
a parable for our generation

Once upon a time, in a lovely land of mountains and rivers, there lived a group of very tiny people. Everyone else in the land was the size of the people that you ordinarily see, but these people were tiny - very very tiny. So tiny they were that it was difficult to even see them. What is worse, though, is that a lot of people did not even want to see them.

The tiny people had homes. They had plans and dreams. They had lives of their own. They loved life. They had quite a large and happy community. There were millions of them. But many people did not even want to notice them or to acknowledge that they were truly alive and well. The people who were opposed to the tiny people said, "They are so tiny that they are not worth anything. In fact, we believe that they are not even real people. They are just little things. They are not really living at all. Let's remove them from our land. They are in the way of our plans. Their little community is right where we want to put a new road so that we can go the places we want to go and do the things we want to do. They are too small to resist. They won't even know what is happening to them. Let's just lay the new road down on top of them. Then they will disappear. They will be out of our way. We will not have to deal with these little objects anymore."

The thing that these people did not realize, or did not want to realize, was that the tiny people were very much alive. Their hearts were beating joyfully with each new day, and they were living very full, happy, and peaceful lives in their little community. They were capable of doing much good. Some people just did not see this..... because they did not pay attention, and they did not want to see it.

Some of these people said, "The tiny ones cannot even talk, so they must not really be people at all."

But the tiny people did talk. These bigger people just did not listen. And because the tiny people talked in tiny voices, and these bigger people did not listen, these bigger people did not hear them.

Some of these people said, "The tiny ones cannot do anything, so they must not really be alive."

But the tiny people did do things. They were very important, and the world needed them very much. But these bigger people were not paying attention to the wonderful things that they were able to do.

Some of these people said, "The tiny ones have no feelings. They are not people. They are just dead little objects."

But the tiny people were really people, and they felt very much. Sometimes they were happy, and sometimes they were sad. They felt comfort, and they felt pain. They had feelings just like everyone else.

The tiny people did not know that many of the bigger people were planning to destroy them. They did not know anything about the new road that was going to be laid down over their community, their homes, their families, and their dreams. They did not know.... they just peacefully continued to live, unaware of the approaching destruction.

One night, there was a terrible storm, and a main bridge going over a large river was broken down in the tempest. The tiny people lived near the bridge, and they heard the terrible sound as the bridge splintered and crashed. There was always a lot of traffic that traveled over this bridge, even at night. Tonight was no exception. Even with the pounding rain and booming thunder and flashing lightening, the tiny people had heard vehicles driving by and crossing the bridge. But now the bridge was gone. People coming in the dark would not know that the bridge had been destroyed. The only people who knew were the tiny people - the people of whom it was said that they were not people and that they were not even alive.

"Quick!" shouted a tiny father in his tiny voice that was not very loud even when he was shouting. "We must save the town! We must stop people from crossing the bridge."

"How can we do it?" cried a tiny grandmother. "If we try to stop the people, they will not even see us. If we try to call to them, they will not even hear us. What can we do?"

"We have a plan," announced the children, the tiniest of the tiny people. "The bigger people might not see us, but if we all shine flashlights, they will see the light, and they will see that the bridge is gone."

"Terrific!" exclaimed a tiny mother. "Everyone get your lights."

All of the tiny people scrambled to find their tiny lights. Soon the entire community of tiny people had gathered on both sides of the road, shining their tiny lights. In the glow of the millions of teeny tiny lights, any approaching vehicles could see that the bridge was out.

Soon a vehicle drew near, but as it came closer, its driver exclaimed, "Where do all these little lights come from? What a sight! What does this mean? And what else is that I see? The bridge is out! The lights are shining to show me that the bridge is broken down! Who is shining the lights?" He got out of his vehicle, and bent lower and lower until he finally saw some tiny people. He had never seen them before. He had never taken the time to look.

More and more people came. Everyone who came by was astounded by the mystery of the lights. Everyone stopped and payed attention. Everyone noticed something that they had never seen before. They noticed the little people living and moving and breathing and being an important part of society.

"We were wrong!" the people cried. "The tiny people are genuinely real people! The tiny people are truly alive! The tiny people are important! The tiny people have saved our lives!"


Now what would you think if the people proceeded, regardless, to lay the new road down over the tiny people's community, smashing them and suffocating them and denying them the right to live?

Would this not be an atrocity?

Yes, it certainly would be, but no more of an atrocity than the killing of the unborn babies, the tiny people in our society who are said to be inconvenient objects that are not really alive.

How many million people have died - people who were living and growing; people who were an important part of the next generation; people who would have made a difference and would have saved lives and would have shone their own beautiful lights, rescuing people and blessing people? These are people who would have been a beacon of light for families, communities, nations, and the world, just as a lighthouse is to a ship at sea.

The tiny people really are alive!

The tiny people really ARE people!

Maybe you just haven't stopped and taken the time to notice them. Won't you pause, as you are rushing towards your own destruction, and stop to take note of the tiny people....... their future....... our future....... your future???

Think with your own mind about this. Don't let the world's present view always think for you. The world wants to own and control you, but it doesn't care for you and it doesn't take care of you, anymore than it takes care of the unborn.

-Rivqah Coover, www.LoveTheUnbornBabies.name