"Out of the mouths of children and babies Thou hast ordained praise...." (Psalm 8:2)

What About The Possibility
Of Your Baby Having Disabilities?

Encouraging Mothers And Fathers To Choose Life For Their Unborn Babies

What About Children With Disabilities Or Developmental Challenges?

"The quality of a society is largely defined by how it treats its weakest members."
- Randy Alcorn, in "WHY PRO-LIFE? Caring for the Unborn and Their Mothers"

"Joni And Friends" International Disability Center
Providing Hope, Encouragement, Education, And Moral Support For
Individuals And Families Facing Disabilities

Special Angels Adoption

"All of us are abled in some ways and disabled in others. People with developmental disabilities often help all of us understand our own brokenness."
- Joan Mahler, coordinator of L'Arche USA

National Down Syndrome Adoption Network

Wonderful DVDs of people and families affected by disabilities:
See the beauty of each life, the powerful purpose in each situation, and the hope and happiness that can be a reality in spite of, and sometimes even because of, disability.

Life's Greater Purpose
Beautiful testimony of the amazing and dynamic life being lived by a man who was born with what most of us would consider a severe disability. Is he really "disabled"? View this DVD yourself and then decide.

Click Here To Learn About How
Abortion Attempts Can Fail, And Can Actually
Cause Birth Defects And Disabilities